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Owner, Builder

Who are we?

On April 1, 2001, Charlet Brothers, LLC combined the experience of brothers Don and Brent Charlet in remodeling and home construction and formalized Charlet Brothers as a custom home residential contracting business. We are now staffed with our own office and design staff; Donna Graham, Jonna Morgan, Hannah Larkin, Teresa Steele and Susan Charlet, two field superintendents; Dusty Pourciau and Larry Alford, and the owner and builder, Don Charlet.  Our office is in the same building with our sister business "The Corbel", which is located between Zachary and St. Francisville on US Hwy 61. We have a special reputation for experience and wisdom in the best practices and uses of antique building materials and architectural elements in new construction. We are Feliciana and Louisiana natives and we employ the highest skilled local craftsmen to produce a home designed and built for beauty and endurance home. We are committed to excellence from the planning process to the mailbox placement.  We solve the challenges and problems involved in the building process. The home building process requires the ability to build a structure and to build a relationship. In the months required to build a home we communicate at a very high and technical level with our clients. We equip our clients with the ability to make their decisions by not only offering them the many things that they have to choose from, but also our experience and guidance in options that fit them personally.  Honesty, Integrity and Character are the qualities that were instilled in us by our parents and grandparents. We continue to build on those qualities and honor them and our clients in doing so.

What do we do?

*We will help you design a home. We will design the home within your budget and will incorporate solid design concepts to meet your aesthetic desires. We will accompany you in making plumbing, electrical, paint, kitchen and all decisions to be made.

*If you already have plans we will review your plans and give counsel regarding specific design choices and placement and sizing of architectural elements such as antique beams, antique doors, antique flooring and other elements that will build beauty into your home.

*We will visit your building site and counsel on site planning and structure placement.

*We will accept bids and quotes to help you get a price reference for your home.

*We design and build outdoor living areas and kitchens using antique and reclaimed materials.

*If you have a structure that is over 50 years old we will salvage the materials from the structure and refurbish the lot.

What do our contracts look like?

We offer turnkey contracts, cost plus a fee contracts and cost plus a percentage contracts. Our contracts generally give you the flexibility to either pay your own bills or to have us pay them for you. All of our contracts pass our builder discounts fully on to you the homeowner. Our builder fees run from a low of 10% of cost of construction and up, depending on the details of the project.  We are fully transparent contractors. All costs, fees and prices are fully communicated to our clients and our office is completely open to them.

What are the added benefits to having Charlet Brothers build your home?

  1. Charlet Brothers not only has the experience to build your custom home using unique antique products, but its sister business, The Corbel is located in the same place so that you can see all of the beams and flooring and other materials and understand how they are being used in the home. Plus you get an extra discount for using our own materials!
  2. No other builder has the experience building Louisiana architecture with antique materials that we do…and you don't pay more for it.
  3. We are real builders, with a real staff, in a real building that we own, doing what we say we will do, doing business in good times and in bad…we will be here to stand behind the house that we build!