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Owners, Builders


On April 1, 2001, Charlet Brothers, LLC combined the experience of brothers Don and Brent Charlet in remodeling and home construction and formalized Charlet Brothers as a custom home residential contracting business. We are now staffed with our own office and design staff.

Our office is located on the same site as our sister business, The Corbel. We specialize in the use of antique building materials and architectural elements in new construction and remodels. We are South Louisiana natives and employ the highest skilled local craftsmen to produce a home designed and built for beauty and endurance.

The home building process requires the ability to build a structure as well as a relationship and we are committed to excellence from the beginning stages of planning down to the mailbox placement. In the months required to build a home we communicate at a very high and technical level with our clients. Honesty, integrity and character are the qualities that were instilled in us by our parents and grandparents. We continue to stand by those qualities in order to honor our family and those we work with, as well as leave a legacy of excellence in all we do. 

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